Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Brief History of the Deep State, Part 1

By J.R. Nyquist


What is the Deep State and how did it begin? In her 16 September 2017 blog, Diana West wrote about clues to the “beginnings” of the Deep State “which are surely to be found in the exponential expansion of the federal government under FDR.” This expansion, noted West, “included hundreds if not thousands of Soviet agents, Communists and their supporters, working all over the government, from the White House to the … wartime agencies that would soon be reconstituted as the CIA.”[i]

The following is a brief history of the Deep State. This history is built on facts and sources used in Diana West’s book, American Betrayal. Material has been added from other sources as well.


According to R.M. Whitney, writing in 1924, “The most colossal conspiracy against the United States … was unearthed at Bridgman, Michigan, on August 22, 1922, when the secret convention of the Communist Party of America was raided by the Michigan Constabulary….” What was discovered back then has been entirely forgotten today. The Michigan Constabulary found two barrels “full of documentary proof of the [communist] conspiracy….” The discovery also included the names of prominent people who were giving money to the communist cause. There were instructions from Moscow on methods of underground organization, subversion and infiltration – for the purpose of overthrowing the United States Government. [ii]

The documents recovered by the Michigan Constabulary proved that the Communist Party in the United States was directed by Lenin and Trotsky in Moscow. In those days the Communist Party hid itself behind the Workers Party of America, including many pro-socialist affiliates like the African Blood Brotherhood, the Jewish Socialist Federation and the Workers’ Council of the United States. Eventually, the Workers Party changed its name to the Communist Party, USA. According to Whitney, all legal socialist activity of the Workers Party was then “supported by the illegal branches of the Communist Party.” He added that “the agents of the Communists are working secretly, through ‘legal’ bodies, in labor circles, in society, in professional groups, in the Army and Navy, in Congress, in the schools and colleges of the country, in banks and business concerns, among the farmers, in the motion picture industry – in fact, in nearly every walk of life.”[iii]

The people involved in this conspiracy were not uneducated or stupid. According to Whitney, they were “keen, clever, intelligent, educated men and women.” These included many people with expert qualifications. Their agenda has remained the same for nearly a century. The communist conspiracy uncovered at Bridgman in 1922 included “plans for inciting the Negroes, the farmers, the clerks, the workmen of industry, members of Congress, employees in government departments everywhere, to violence against constituted authorities….”[iv]

The names of those associated with this conspiracy, noted Whitney, ranged from “bricklayers to bishops, and include many prominent official and society people.”[v] Many of these erstwhile supporters did not fully understand what they were supporting at the time; that is to say, the communist conspiracy was so artfully disguised behind “front organizations” that Moscow’s underlying control was not always known. In fact, the communists made “sucker lists” of useful idiot contributors.


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