Friday, July 27, 2018

Art of the Squeel

by Michael Daly

Michael Cohen has revolutionized the time-dishonored tradition of being a rat.

Traditionally, rats begin wearing a wire after they get jammed up.

Cohen may be the first to have started making recordings beforehand.

If this becomes a trend, future rats will have tapes at the ready when they get collared.

“No need to wire me up, I already wired myself!”

The problem for Cohen is that he  may not have a recording that could really help him with prosecutors now that he does face serious legal troubles and seems to be entering the traditional rat mode of giving up others to save yourself.

According to CNN, Cohen is now saying that he was present when Donald J. Trump was told in advance by Donald Trump Jr. and approved of the June, 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians who supposed had dirt on Hillary Clinton.  But one of Cohen’s lawyers, former Clinton fixer Lanny Davis, then told a reporter at another network, “I have to wonder why the Trump people would put that out. It was not from us.”


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