Tuesday, July 17, 2018

California Judge Stops Family Deportations

Migrants and their children should not be deported until the ACLU has a chance to help them get asylum in the United States, according to the California judge who has taken temporary control of the President Donald Trump’s zero-tolerance family-migration policy.

The intervention by Judge Dana Sabraw comes as more media reports reveal the economic destruction being caused in Central America by the United States’s loopholed migration laws. Those laws encourage Central American families and young women and men to sell their houses or go into debt to hire the expensive cartel-linked coyotes needed to guide them up to the U.S. border — even though few of the migrants get approval to live in the United States.

The pending deportations were blocked on Monday, for one week, at the request of the ACLU by Sabraw, who is already forcing agency officials to reunite 2,551 children and youths with their migrant parents. The judge’s demand for reunification is forcing immigration agencies to release the migrants’ parents from detention before the President’s zero-tolerance policy can deport them homewards. Sabraw is also forcing taxpayers to fund the reunification of the migrants with their claimed children.


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