Saturday, July 21, 2018

‘Equalizer 2’ Review: Denzel Washington Tears Down the Deep State

by John Nolte

In the very satisfying Equalizer 2, Denzel Washington comes out of the shadows to hand the Deep State an overdue reckoning.

If you think any movie that allows The Mighty Denzel Washington to kill off a bunch of bad guys can never go horribly wrong, let me introduce you to 2016’s The Magnificent Seven.

In-between their work on 2014’s terrific The Equalizer and this weekend’s equally satisfying Equalizer 2, Washington and director Antoine Fuqua teamed up for what should have been a no-brainer Western remake, and instead delivered an over-produced mess that ended up floundering around due to a lethal overdose of political correctness and identity politics (I kept waiting for a transsexual Eskimo to show up).

Thankfully, Equalizer 2 has none of these problems.

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