Monday, July 30, 2018

Mako shark tagged off Texas mystifies experts, turning up off Virginia. How? And why?

by Mark Price

A 7.5-foot shark tagged in March off the Texas coast has done something no other tagged mako has done and it’s mystifying researchers.

Named Pico, the male has found its way out of the Gulf of Mexico all the way to Virginia, and it appears to be headed still farther north, according to the nonprofit shark research foundation OCEARCH.

Everything about the journey is a surprise for OCEARCH, which has been following the shark’s movements since it found a way around Florida in early July. Pico has so far traveled more than 4,100 miles, says OCEARCH.

“Pico is showing no signs of slowing down after becoming the first Mako shark we ever tracked out of the Gulf of Mexico and into the Atlantic Ocean,” OCEARCH said in one in a series of tweets.

“ laying down tracks we’ve never seen from a Mako before. He seems to be following the Gulf Stream.”


1 comment:

  1. I'm guessing the "how" is by swimming, although the shark may have been transported by aliens.

    As far as the "why", procreation, and hunger are my best guesses.

    My question: What does it matter? And, unless you actually spotted the shark, how can you guarantee the tag isn't in the freeze locker on a boat?