Monday, July 30, 2018

Snowflakes: Over 20 Percent of Incoming College Freshmen Claim to Be Disabled

At top colleges around the country, over 20 percent of incoming freshmen claim to be disabled.

22 percent at Pomona College in California. 18 percent at Pitzer College in California, Vassar College in New York, Reed College in Oregon, and Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts. 14 percent at Stanford Universty. These are the percentage of students who considered themselves disabled at top universities around the country. That means that almost one in five students in every classroom is classified as disabled by school officials.

Jan Collins-Eaglin, the Claremont consortium’s associate dean of students for personal success and wellness, says that anxiety and stress are likely behind the increase in the number of “disabled” students. “At Pomona, we have extremely talented bright students with very high expectations who are coming in with a good level of anxiety and are highly stressed,” she said in a comment to the Wall Street Journal. “Our job here is to help them really thrive.”


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