Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Video: This Dem Congressman thinks we should pay illegals...

by Mike Brest

Rep. Joe Crowley suggested his belief that the families who have been separated at the border for illegally entering the country should be compensated for the pain they experienced while speaking on Capitol Hill on Wednesday.


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  1. Something tells me that he is trying to run to the left
    of the socialist Gyno-American nitwit who beat him in the
    primary. The best outcome would be for these two split the Democrat vote just enough for a Republican to win.

    I have been following poltics for more than 4 decades,
    and I have observed a lot of trends; Truman gave us
    Eisenhower, LBJ gave us Nixon, Carter gave us Reagan,
    and Obama gave us Donald Trump, all in electoral
    landslides. Here in California, Pat Brown gave us
    Ronald Reagan in two of the biggest electoral landslides
    in California history.

    In all my years following politics, I have noticed
    that if a governor or a president pushes a state or
    the nation too far to the left, the elecorate push
    back in the opposite direction. Obama pushed much
    father than any governor or president in American

    There is one other factor, in the November elections:
    Obama and Hillary Klingon managed to alienate a large
    swath of what used to be called traditional or moderate
    Democrat voters. The GOP will hold the House and the
    Senate, as well as the majority of govenorships. Trump's
    second term will will make Reagan's victory against
    Dukakis look like a squeaker!