Saturday, July 21, 2018

WaPo’s Eugene Robinson: ‘Loyal and Honorable Deep State Has a Higher Duty,’ ‘God Bless Them’

by Joshua Caplan

Washington Post columnist and MSNBC analyst Eugene Robinson wrote an editorial Thursday in defense of the U.S. intelligence community, praising the “supposed ‘deep state'” as “loyal and honorable” patriots willing to oppose President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Robinson writes that Congress has remained “supine” but that the unelected “public servants” with the power to secretly surveil are all that “stands between us and the abyss”:

Robinson: Before this harebrained and reckless administration is history, the nation will have cause to celebrate the public servants derided by Trumpists as the supposed “deep state.”

The term itself is propaganda, intended to cast a sinister light upon men and women whom Trump and his minions find annoyingly knowledgeable and experienced. They are not participants in any kind of dark conspiracy. Rather, they are feared and loathed by the president and his wrecking crew of know-nothings because they have spent years — often decades — mastering the details of foreign and domestic policy.

God bless them. With a supine Congress unwilling to play the role it is assigned by the Constitution, the deep state stands between us and the abyss.

In this emergency, the loyal and honorable deep state has a higher duty. It’s called patriotism.



The Red Menace of communism is rising fast in America.  - Minuteman

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