Monday, July 23, 2018

Yes, Democrats Need To Run Left — On Economics

Have you noticed the irritating spate of articles in the mainstream press expressing alarm that the Democratic Party may be moving too far to the left? This has become a trope among commentators.

The lead piece in Sunday’s New York Times, for instance, was headlined, “Democrats Brace As Storm Brews to Their Left.” Right from the top, the progressive energy that is bringing new people into politics and challenging Republican incumbents is condemned as some kind of threat to “Democrats.”

The reporter, Alexander Burns, goes on to quote party leaders warning of the possible ill effects: ”‘There are a lot of moderate and even conservative Democrats in Michigan,’ Mr. Brewer (the former state party chair) cautioned.” Note the use of the loaded verb, cautioned.

This is a classic sort of piece in which the writer has a point of view that he wants to get across, but as a reporter on a supposed news story he can’t come right out and say it. So he fishes for quotes to get sources to provide the script for him.



Lefties running more to the Left - good for you, good for me. - Minuteman

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