Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Nolte: Peter Strzok Fundraises off ‘Weekly Standard’ Testimonial

Peter Strzok, the disgraced and now-fired former FBI chief, is using a Weekly Standard (TWS) testimonial to raise $500,000 in donations through a GoFundMe campaign.
Strzok was finally fired this week, months and months after some 50,000 of his private texts revealed that, among other things, this high-level agent was assuring and reassuring fellow agent Lisa Page (his mistress — who still has a job in the FBI) that Trump would not be allowed to become president.

“No, no he won’t. We’ll stop it,” he told her.

Worse still, were the texts reassuring Page that if Trump did become president, he had an “insurance policy” in place.

When you combine the texts with the outrageously unethical behavior of an FBI that let Hillary Clinton off the hook for countless crimes and then turned around to spy on the Trump campaign — using a fabricated FISA warrant and opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign — what you have is Strzok (who supervides both investigations) working overtime to keep his venal promises to his gal pal.


Just under $400k in 2 days. - Minuteman

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