Friday, August 3, 2018

Opposition to Kavanaugh Cracks as Liberal Feminist Democrat Endorses Him

WASHINGTON, DC – Democratic opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh took a hit Thursday when liberal feminist Lisa Blatt, who is a Supreme Court star, called upon her fellow Democrats to vote for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the nation’s highest court.

“I am a liberal Democrat and a feminist,” Blatt told readers in a Politico op-ed. “But we all benefit from having smart, qualified and engaged judges on our highest court, regardless of the administration that nominates them.”

Blatt has argued 35 cases before the Supreme Court, more than any other woman. She praised Kavanaugh for his proactive hiring of women clerks, comparing him in that regard to the Supreme Court justice for whom Blatt clerked, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A former assistant solicitor general through two Democratic administrations and one Republican administration, Blatt compared Kavanaugh to Barack Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Scalia, Judge Merrick Garland, saying that both of these appeals judges from the D.C. Circuit court are “brilliant, admired, experienced, sober and humane.”


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  1. I just got a new heroine. That a feminist and a liberal has the character to make this endorsement tells more about her than it does about Kavanaugh. If we could only find more like her.
    I frankly am tired of partisanship over judicial nominees that has existed in Washington ever since Ted Kennedy did a hatchet job on Robert Bork, perhaps the most qualified to be a SCOTUS justice in my lifetime. Merrick Garland would also be a good choice, based upon this woman's criteria. Sadly, things are probably never going to return to sanity in D.C.