Friday, August 10, 2018

WaPo: Time for Mueller to bring out the big guns

by Harry Litman

[Harry Litman teaches constitutional law at the University of California at San Diego and practices law at the firm Constantine Cannon. He was U.S. attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2001.]

Even as special counsel Robert S. Mueller III marches forward with his prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and as the case that President Trump engaged in criminal conduct grows stronger, the president and his lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani continue their tango about whether the president will deign to answer questions from Mueller’s team.

Said Giuliani on the possibility of an interview: “If they can come to us and show us the basis and that it’s legitimate and that they have uncovered something, we can go from there and assess their objectivity.” Giuliani added to his list of prerequisite demands that he wants to know about the origins of the FBI probe before agreeing to some form of interview. Then on Wednesday, Giuliani announced that the president’s team issued yet another counter-proposal to Mueller, declining to specify the terms.

So if Mueller can prove the legitimacy of his case, and if Giuliani and Trump conclude it’s objective, and if they receive sufficient information about the probe’s origins, then they might consider answering some questions in writing.

Enough is enough. It’s time to subpoena the president.



The Leftists in America believe - perhaps rightly - that mainstream Americans will tolerate the soft coup they are feverishly working toward regarding President Trump.  Some of us are intimately aware that the Left is not fighting POTUS - they are fighting against Liberty and Rule of Law itself.  They are fighting against us and our values.  The above editorial illustrates their miscalculation.  

Harry Litman considers a subpoena to be their 'big guns' in this fight.

If they push too far they will learn what our big guns look like. - Minuteman

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