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A Short History of Communist Subversion of America

September 18, 2018 Updated: September 19, 2018   

News Analysis

The U.S. government was first penetrated by communist agents in the 1930s. This was documented by congressional investigations and by authors such as M. Stanton Evans, Herbert Romerstein, Diana West, and former U.S. President Herbert Hoover (among others).

The communists greatly benefited from the election of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. It was Roosevelt who opened diplomatic relations with Moscow, even as he welcomed “progressives” into government. Prior to his inauguration, Roosevelt was warned by his predecessor, President Herbert Hoover, about two ongoing Soviet conspiracies: a massive Soviet counterfeiting operation that threatened the U.S. dollar; and an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government by mobilizing angry veterans through the “Bonus Army.”

Hoover’s warnings were ignored by Roosevelt, who saw nothing wrong with communism. Evans and Romerstein have pointed out that Roosevelt’s recognition of the Soviet Union gave an aura of legitimacy to the communists, helping them to “create formidable networks of apparatchiks on American soil.”

In 1938, a special House Committee on Un-American Activities was appointed under the chairmanship of Rep. Martin Dies (D-Texas). When the Committee sought to investigate communist involvement with an important labor union, the White House summoned Dies to a meeting with the president.

Arriving at the White House, Dies found Roosevelt chatting with Sen. John Sheppard (D-Texas). After Dies entered, Roosevelt turned to Sheppard and said, “Senator, what are we going to do about Martin?” The senator was confused by the question, so Roosevelt clarified: “You know, all this business about investigating communists is a serious mistake.” Roosevelt then told Dies he didn’t want any investigations of that kind.

The communist infiltration that began in the 1930s accelerated after the United States allied itself with Stalin in World War II. FBI and congressional investigations show that many hundreds of Soviet agents and Communist Party members worked for the U.S. government during the war.



Many bloggers have started jumping on the Leftist/Commie root cause of America's problems over the last year or so.  A few bloggers have been there for many, many years... better late than never, I reckon. - Minuteman

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  1. The root cause of our problem is the very nature of a free society. Out enemies....specifically the Communist Democrat Party and EVERY gaot fucking ass in the air Mohamed sycophant on planet Earth has the "God given right" under our form of government to OPENLY, without fear of negative consequences, work night and day to DESTROY us and ENSLAVE us. AAn there isn't a damn thing we can legally do about that. As long as this is the ugly reality of freedom the sad fact is freedom is ALWAYS doomed to eventually fall beneath the onslaught of evil people using our freedom against us.