Monday, December 17, 2018

Gun safety advocates plan new blue state push

Supporters of stricter controls on firearms are preparing to mount a multistate push to close loopholes and restrict access for those who pose a risk to themselves and others, reflecting a new focus for a movement long pilloried as nothing more than gun-grabbers.

Legislators in several states said they plan to introduce bills this year to ban devices like bump stocks and so-called ghost guns and to expand background checks.

The movement also hopes to give police and courts the authority to take guns away from those who pose a danger, measures known as extreme risk protection orders or “red flag” laws.



The mere fact that The Hill calls gun control idiots 'Gun Safety Advocates' is all you need for proper IFF.  Listening to anyone who tells you that you may not bear arms is as stupid as listening to people who tell you not to use water if you find your clothes on fire.  Listening to and heeding the mandates of stupid people - even if they carry the color of law - is the greater stupid. - Minuteman

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