Wednesday, December 12, 2018

PJB: We are an unserious nation, engaged in trivial pursuits, in a deadly serious world.

If Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to pay hush money to Stormy Daniels about a one-night stand a decade ago, that, says Jerome Nadler, incoming chair of House Judiciary, would be an “impeachable offense.”

This tells you what social media, cable TV and the great herd of talking heads will be consumed with for the next two years — the peccadillos and misdeeds of Trump, almost all of which occurred before being chosen as president of the United States.

“Everywhere President Trump looks,” writes The Washington Times’ Rowan Scarborough, “there are Democrats targeting him from New York to Washington to Maryland… lawmakers, state attorneys general, opposition researchers, bureaucrats and activist defense lawyers.

“They are aiming at Russia collusion, the Trump Organization, the Trump Foundation, a Trump hotel, Trump tax returns, Trump campaign finances and supposed money laundering.”

The full-court press is on. Day and night we will be hearing debate on the great question: Will the elites that loathe him succeed in bringing Trump down, driving him from office, and prosecuting and putting him in jail?



Few events since the spring of 1865 have had the serious potential of igniting our next civil war as will the impeachment of President Trump.  It will be at that moment when even the most supine quislings in America understand the choices before them - and 'sitting-it-out' will not be afforded to anyone. The Left means to conquer. - Minuteman


  1. The commie left mean to rule and they will not allow ANYTHING to stand in the way. Cankles The Killer Clinton was supposed to win. The DNC made sure wacko Bernie Sanders got railroaded, the GOP was going to field a useless stuffed shirt and the media whores were going to stump for her like no other in history. Then along came Trump and fucked the whole thing up confounding the GOP, the media and the demonrats winning an election Cankles was guaranteed to win. And the entire system HATES Trump for this. They fully intend to destroy him as punishment for his audacity and win back THEIR White House so they can go on to RULE America with impunity. And they mean to do this by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.....even if doing so triggers a civil war. As Milton observed some would rather reign in hell then serve in heaven. The left would rather destroy America then see AMYONE else in charge.

  2. It's coming.